Dallas Green Alliance Candidate Questionnaire

This questionnaire was created by the Dallas Green Alliance PAC and its supporters in order to provide the public with direct responses from Dallas city council candidates on important environmental topics.

1. Environmental Health Commission

From the 1980’s to 2010 the 15-member volunteer Dallas Environmental Commission was a citizen-friendly way for residents to bring City Hall’s attention to their quality of life problems and offer policy recommendations to the City Council. If elected, would you restore the City’s Environmental Health Commission to allow for a more resident-friendly process for hearing environmental nuisance and public health issues?

2. Equity Provision

If elected, would you support including an equity provision in the City’s new Economic Development Policy that prohibits concentrations of polluting facilities in impoverished and underserved neighborhoods?

3. Recycling and Composting

The landfill is being slammed with commercial waste, construction debris, and more. In order to minimize excess waste of recyclable and compostable materials would you support zero waste policies such as a universal recycling accessibility ordinance in businesses and food diversion requirements for businesses that generate large amounts of food waste?

4. Online zoning data

Would you be in favor of the City creating a publicly accessible online database for Zoning Permits?

5. Public/Private Partnerships

Transparency is an ongoing issue at City Hall, in particular with public/private partnerships. How would you make the changes necessary to allow the details and continuing relevant information about these partnerships more accessible and transparent?

6. Great Trinity Forest

The Great Trinity Forest is lauded as the largest urban forest in the country and yet extreme damage has occurred with lack of proper environmental permits and oversight: 300 year old trees have been cut down, ponds drained, a huge pit dug for golf course soil use...etc. Would you support protecting the future use of the Great Trinity Forest by applying for an NPS National Natural Landmark status?

7. Highway Pollution

Would you support efforts to mitigate highway pollution around neighborhoods and public spaces, given the health risk posed to citizens who live, work, or play within 1500 feet of highways?