The Dallas Green Alliance PAC Has Announces Its List Of Endorsed Dallas City Council Candidates

(Dallas) — The Dallas Green Alliance Political Action Committee announced its list of endorsed Dallas City Council candidates on Friday. Upcoming races for Dallas City Council have become heated in recent weeks as candidates vie for seats around the “horseshoe.” Early Voting begins Monday, April 24th and Election Day is May 6th.

“Now more than ever, concerned Dallas residents like us must take local action to defend our neighborhoods, our communities, and our city. We’ve come together to support the campaigns of candidates who stand for a sustainable Dallas that works for everybody, not just pro-business interests,” said Alliance Co-Chair Brandon Pollard. “We’re excited to make these endorsements and are eager to hear new voices from City Hall.”

The Dallas Green Alliance PAC was founded in 2014 with a primary mission of stopping the Trinity Toll Road project—an hotly debated issue that has consumed millions of dollars and countless hours for more than twenty years. While the PAC focused much of their energy on the Toll Road when interviewing 2015 city council candidates, they have diversified their “green issues” list this year.

Candidate questionnaires covering a range of topics, including the Trinity Toll Road, the future of Fair Park, gentrification, and water quality were sent out after the February 17th filing deadline, and follow-up interviews were conducted in late March.

Alliance representatives stated its new members were concerned about a wide variety of issues, but had all agreed opposition to the Trinity Toll Road would remain the group’s litmus test for support. Staying true to that goal, co-chairs Erica Cole and Brandon Pollard released the PAC’s list of endorsements in the races they believe are most critical to forming “a green majority around the horseshoe.”

District 1: Scott Griggs

District 2: Adam Medrano

District 3: No endorsement

District 4: No endorsement

District 5: Dominique Torres

District 6: Omar Narvaez & Alex Dickey

District 7: Adam Bazaldua

District 8: Eric Williams

District 9: Mark Clayton

District 10: No endorsement

District 11: Candace Evans

District 12: Sandy Greyson

District 13: No endorsement

District 14: Phillip Kingston